BCAAs - My current standpoint

My standpoint on BCAAs has changed... things change and this is why, in my case.

Why I Like(d) BCAAs

When BCAAs became popular around 2006 I was all up for these and the evidence at the time made them sound great! 

They are anticatabolic - stop or slowing muscle breakdown - Awesome!
They are anabolic - they promote muscle growth - Hell yes! Even awesomer!
They can be used as energy within the muscles - more reps! More awesomeness!

I think awesomer is a great word.. but maybe I'm wrong.. and maybe I was wrong buying into BCAAs too?

What Changed

 The evidence, that's what.

I'm always looking to get the best results possible when training, why wouldn't I?!
I'm sure you're the same and what I go by is the evidence I have at the current time.  

We should be following the current evidence and teaching it to those listening to us, even when new research gives us evidence that goes against what we thought was true, we should adopt, start following and teaching the new evidence we have.

Unfortunately, the supplement market is so far down the BCAA rabbit hole that it's too late to go back on its millions spent on marketing, it's just too heavily invested, and they're still pushing BCAAs as one of the big game changers.

 The short of it: BCAAs don't work as touted.........

Enter Kaged Muscle Re-Kaged

So, to get the most from BCAAs you NEED a full array of amino acids and this is where Re-Kaged comes into its own.

It's a fast digesting hydrolyzing protein (via enzymes added) that will supply all the amino acids you need to get muscle protein synthesis as high as you need it.

Pre-workout, Leucine is said to have good effect to prime the body and signal it to be anabolic and anticatabolic so my current advice is to bolster your protein intake with KM BCAA.

What this means in practical terms

Take BCAA with Re-Kaged any time on the perimeter of your workout (pre-intra-post) to have the best effect. The BCAA benefits will work whilst in the presence of the full amino acid profile of Re-Kaged

AND do the same with meals.  Take your BCAAs when eating your meal or just after the meal when the protein is being digested and amino acids are being released.

The take home.

They do work, but not on their own.

  • Apr 19, 2018
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