SABAS UK - buying from the UK vs USA

So I'm just about to get my hands on a stunning delivery of SABAS Gloves and Gear, as soon as customs slap their charges on, to sell here in the UK and Europe... but why buy from me?

US prices look great...on face value, at least.  By the time the product arrives... your order has gained a few pounds and the price got fat!

The issues we have here in the UK when buying from the USA are:

  • Shipping
  • Import Duty
  • VAT

Let's have a look at what you could expect to pay when your SABAS Gloves arrive here in the UK.
(p.s. I'm using for the exchange rate - 1 GBP = 1.38107 USD at the time of writing)

SABAS Price $119.99 = £86.88
Shipping to the UK $50.00 = £36.2
UK Import Duty @ 9% of £86.85 = £7.82
VAT @ 20% of Price + Shipping + Duty = £26.18
So the total comes to £157.09.  £70.20 on top of the original price.

UNIT13 Price for the UK and Europe = £135
Shipping within the UK and Europe = FREE £0.00

Total = £135 delivered - £22.09 cheaper and delivery is much faster, 1-2 weeks from the USA vs 1-2 days within the UK and usually within 5 days to Europe.

As you can see, you're saving both money and time so I'm confident for the UK and European Market, is the way forward.  I hope you think so too!



  • Feb 26, 2018
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