Crikey, the SABAS boxing gloves are selling like hot cakes!

If you take a look at our store at the moment, you will see that a number of our SABAS Fight Gear boxing gloves are out of stock.

We are delighted to confirm this will be a temporary situation and there will be a host of new Mexican boxing gloves on our shelves in the next couple of weeks.

As announced on our blog earlier this year, we were extremely excited about our new role as supplier for SABAS FIght Gear in the UK and Europe, we were also cautiously optimistic with our initial order. We just were not expecting anything like the initial demand from our customers! We have placed a new, larger order with SABAS last week so watch this space...

If you would like us to let you know when the new stock is in feel free to sign up to our newsletter and we will keep you informed.

Thanks for your patience,

The Unit13 Team

  • May 04, 2018
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