White Collar Diary - 1. The Training Begins.

Unit13 founder and MD Nick Newton will be stepping in the ring this autumn for his debut white collar fight in Cardiff.

Nick will of course be fully kitted out in his trusty SABAS Pro Series Triple Cuff boxing gloves, Lace N' Loop glove converters and SABAS wraps. At UNIT13 we are huge fans of white collar boxing due to the challenge it provides for amateur boxers, the entertainment provided on fight night and most of all due to the incredible amounts the events raise for charities.

We will be tracking Nick's training progress on this blog during the build up to the fight, however as a starting point we wanted to share his initial thoughts:



24th November 2018 - get that date in your diary if you want to come and support me and have a great night!

In memory of my mum who lost the battle to cancer.
Having had cancer myself, I'm keen for my own fight to raise money to help others in the future.

Please click to donate (via JustGiving)!

It will be actually be 12 Months after I was supposed to have a UWCB fight, I'll be taking the challenge again, and completing it injury free this time... I hope! #trainclever

I suffered 2 bulging discs, Thoracic outlet syndrome on my left and a snapped and reattached biceps tendon on my right which meant in no way could I fight last year with any of those issues going on. I'm now recovered and ready to go again!

You saw Luke Davies (Back to Roots) do it last year which was fantastic. I'm taking up the mantle this year and I'll be training hard for it. At the same time, I'm bodybuilding after 18 months away from it so this is going to be a great way to get the cardio in! The thing I will do better this time is keep my calories much higher... cutting and feeling like I'm bulking! Has to be a win right?!

I've added the donations from last year - thanks again for those - it wasn't in vain, it will all go towards this event!


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