Kaged Muscle High Protein Cookies & Bakewells

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As you may have seen Kris Gethin Posting about our awesome Cookies that we sell in-store, we're now selling these online too!

Your options are:
White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie
Double Choc Cookie
Peanutbutter Cookie
Almond Bakewell - best seller and officially Kris Gethin's favourite one!

These are all made with natural ingredients and Kaged Muscle Kasein.

The great thing about using KM Kasein is that it's a high quality cold processed isolate.  Being an isolate makes the protein less prone to denature, including when cooked. That means more protein available to your body when you eat them! 

Now, these cookies and Bakewell do contain sugar.  They're a high protein treat, much like the cookies you may have seen from a well-known brand that rhymes with Henny and Harry (just without the false claims and lawsuit!).

These all sell fast, so they will always be fresh.  If every they are out of stock, they'll be back in stock real quick, probably the next day, so you can order when out of stock knowing they wont be far behind!